Boarding Options


12x12, fully matted stalls in our barn built in 2019. Horses are turned out daily with an appropriate buddy in our large pastures that we fertilize and rotate. We have options for horses needing dry lot turnout or a smaller space. We provide heated water buckets in stalls and turnouts during the winter. You have your choice in Poulin grain (as well as other options) and we gladly feed out daily supplements. We provide high quality first and second cut hay. Hay is provided through slow feed hay bags to keep your horse busy and eating throughout the day and evening. We will have one spot open for June 2020. 




Keep your horse outside 24/7 in a clean and roomy space with a shelter, heated water in the winter, matted hay feeding stations and a buddy to hang out with. Your horse  as the option to go out on the pasture in summer months. We have little to no mud in our paddocks due to great drainage and daily cleaning all year long. Just as with our stall board, your horse will get the best in care!  We will have one spot open June 2020.


The Perks

30+ years experience

NOT a lesson barn

Owner managed & occupied

Peaceful atmosphere

Use YOUR trainer/vet/farrier

Individual care